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2004-12-09 - 1:11 p.m.

Okay, so after a 2 day "What am I going to do with all this?" self-pondering session, I have unlocked this diary.

The only reason is to mention that I'm following the exodus over to livejournal.

In my case, it's because they have a feature where you can lock entries down to those on your friends list, or to noone at all, or let it be public.

And it can be done on an individual entry basis.

So, I can still involve my friends and the world at large in the mundane day to day and extraordinary things in my life,ask questions, get advice, take advantage of the good stuff about online blogs... while still maintaining the ability to write the bitchy moanie "Woe is me" notes to purge the inner demons when it's necessary, and I won't have to worry about other folks misinterpreting them as anything other than demon purging.

All told, seems like a good plan. Time will tell, of course.

So, journey on over to My new homeport if you so desire.

I'll be keeping the account here, if only so I can manage the buddy list so I can keep up. But I doubt this is going to be updated, except maybe for *MAJOR* events in my life...


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